Dear Aikido-ka,

Great news!  Mic Marelli Sensei, 6th Dan, has kindly offered to come and teach a seminar, especially for our dojo, on the Friday & Saturday 3 & 4 October. (long weekend).  For most of you, Mic Sensei needs no introduction.  If you would like to read more...   

Mic Sensei's plan for the seminar is as follows:

"I would like to focus on three main topics during the workshop.

1. Understanding the kamae of Iwama ryu aikido.

2. Recognising your position within waza.

3. The 4 levels of training in Iwama ryu aikido.

The whole workshop will focus on the topics which will give all attending a better understanding of correct kamae and it’s extreme importance for aikido. Additionally the importance of recognising your position within the continuum of movement. And last but not least the progressive training from kotai, to jutai, to ryutai, and then kitai."



Taijutsu & Buki-waza 6 - 8pm

DINNER (Japanese at Iori Plus in Deakin - optional)


Taijutsu & Buki-waza 10am - noon

LUNCH (light sandwich lunch included in seminar fee)

Taijutsu & Buki-waza 1:15 - 2:45

MAIN SEMINAR END for most students

BREAK (byo nibble snacks if required, in the interests of time, this is NOT a sit-down afternoon tea)

Advanced Class (2nd kyu +) 3:00 - 4:30pm.  Mic Sensei originally suggested that this class be for black belts only, I have already made a very special request that 2nd & 1st kyus be permitted to attend, please don't ask if you are 3rd kyu or below.   Sempai (senior students) give so much to the development of koohai (juniors); there are times when we need to give senior students space for their own development, this is one of those times.  Mic Sensei has said that the techniques he will cover in this class are usually for black belts only - they are only suitable for those who are very familiar and comfortable with doing all techniques in the 'ki no nagare' (flowing) form without thinking about it.


$60 MAIN SEMINAR - including Lunch and all classes to Saturday 2:45pm  (Partial attendance Friday only $25, Saturday only $45)

$80 ADVANCED (no option for partial seminar fee as this class is only open to those attending the full seminar)


$30 Japanese Special Banquet at Iori Plus in Deakin.  The One Year Anniversary Banquet menu is attached, this is half the usual price and although it says Mon - Wed, Aizawa-san has kindly offered this special price to us on the Friday.

Families are welcome to join us for dinner, be sure to include your loved ones in your RSVP.

As usual, please confirm your attendance to Tsewang and make payments, for the Seminar and Dinner,  BY Thursday September 25th.  Cash to Tsewang or DD to the usual account.  NO replies as well as YES replies are very much appreciated so we don't keep chasing you for an answer.

This will be a great seminar - hope to see you all there!

Kind regards,

Ann Reekie 

Dojo-cho AikiLife Canberra Dojo