Those of you that know me well, will know that one of my other great loves, apart from Aikido is to go hiking, or "bushwalking" as we like to call it here. So from time to time I will post of some walks worth noting.

Last week two of us undertook a 3 day bushwalk in some of my favourite country, Gardens of Stone National Park, which adjoins the largest wilderness area in the state of NSW, Wollemi NP. Wollemi NP is the home of "One of the world's oldest and rarest trees" and another of my favourite stomping grounds.

Our route can be see here in by opening the attached file in Google EarthMuch of the walk was "bush bashing" or "off track" so topographic maps and a compass are a must, with a GPS being handy from time to time. Also water is often difficult to come by so a few litres usually have to be lugged in.

Below are some of the photos from our trip.