So the walk starts with a 03:30 check in at Sydney airport.  My preparation has not been what I'd hoped for. It started out well with a couple of long bushwalks early winter, one of them in Gardens of Stone, but by mid winter I'd managed to injure my Achilles' tendon, so the last few weeks have been nursing it back to health. I managed to get 7 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber doing some oxygen therapy to try to speed up the recovery, luckily at mates rates. Since then I've done a few short walks just around the Sydney bush and the Haute Route does not start till Thursday 20th in Chamonix, France. Hopefully I'll be right to go by then.  Heading west now over NSW as I post this first part, wifi in plane now, shows how long since I've flown OS. Next stop Dubai then Züri or Zurich depending on how you like to say it.